At The Illusionist's Table

Mix a delicious three-course supper with an intimate audience of 16 sat around a dinner table high above Queen Street in the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and simmer with the illusions of Scott Smith then serve it a style which truly challenges your perception.

This is a unique piece of dinner theatre. Set within the historic society, Smith has built an evening filled with mystique which defies logic and does so by threading parts of his memories along with those of his dinner guests and wraps the abilities of human connections around the whole experience to deliver something truly remarkable.

Prior to the first course of a rather tasty homemade goats curd with artichokes, salted grapes and hazelnuts with baby basil. Smith tell us of how he came to believe in magic, the strong connections to his grandpa and why he continues to my the ordinary seem quite extraordinary, as you sit totally charmed by his warm characters, small side tables levitated around the room.

This is an evening of illusions up close, which works thanks to the venue and the candle-lit supper you enjoy with your fellow guests. Smith appears between courses to further his story and amazes us with further demonstrations of his remarkable gift.

Following a main course of fresh cooked salmon and a dessert of lemon egg, buttermilk foam langues de chat and caramelised walnut, he brought the evening to unforgettable close having predicted every single event that had occurred from the moment we took our seats.

This is clever, smart and intelligent theatre performed by someone who really understands his craft, the only slight niggle was the late start and that at a few points the pace seem to lag a little but this was soon made up with sheer skill of Smith’s performance.

Reviews by Brett Herriot

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The Blurb

Objects float, whisky materialises, dreams are revealed. Set at the exclusive 28 Queen Street, Illusionist Scott Smith hosts an exquisite evening of fine dining and whisky tasting interwoven with breathtaking magic. An extraordinary and unforgettable experience ...