Ashes Afar

Ashes Afar follows the story of a migrant couple from different cultures in a volatile relationship. When Aine loses her memory, Mihail attempts to help her reconstruct their time together. Written by Andreea Bortun and directed by Bobi Pricop this beautifully-crafted tale will take you on a journey while never leaving the couple’s living room.

Discerning audiences will eat up this production.

Crissy O’Donovan delivers an intense performance, beautifully connected and absolutely engaged with the role of Aine. Her frustrations and fears are absolutely real and we are completely taken in by her stunning work. She is a pleasure to watch.

Liviu Romanescu delivers a knockout performance as Mihail. His work, particularly towards the end of the piece, is to such a high calibre it puts other Fringe actors to shame. We feel totally connected to his character and his contribution helps to makes this work the piece of art that it is. He draws us in with his sincerity and has us hanging off our seats.

Created by the Vanner Collective, Ashes Afar is black box theatre at its best: challenging, questioning, and absolutely beautifully-connected performances. The staging is great – minimalistic, yet the simple spinning of a chair charms us and doesn’t get old. It is set at a perfect pace – the quicker parts are energetic while the silences are enamouring and the slow parts never drag. Discerning audiences will eat up this production.

Reviews by Dixon Baskerville

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The Blurb

A couple. A suitcase. A game lost. A memory played. When Aine loses her memory, Mihail constructs a form of therapy to help bring her back. But therapy with the one you love can be a very funny game. What happens when the rules change? Ashes Afar spikes social politics with bitter humour. Watch the lives of this young immigrant couple unravel in this fractured story about memory, love and the loss of both. A Romanian-Irish collaboration forged in the UK.