Art of Printmaking: Open Studio

The Art of Printmaking exhibition features the art of those involved with the Fine Art Printmaking and Photography Cooperative.

This layout reminded me more of an art shop rather than an open studio or exhibition.

On the day I visited, six artists’ works were featured, including Angela Cowan, who was watching over the open studio space. She focuses on shapes of nature in her work and showing how different aspects of nature share similarities. Her work reminded me of Rorschach’s inkblot tests in that you could identify the subject of the art as many different things, which is both interesting and entertaining to view with a friend.

The building itself was small, but an upstairs area held more art pieces. Another artist to note is Helen Whitmore, who creates one-line art. The intense black ink contrasting with the white space allowed each illustration to stand out and capture the eye. While the art was wonderful to look at, I struggle to call this an exhibition.

Some of the art was hung on the walls, but several copies were laid underneath available for purchase at a reasonable price. This layout reminded me more of an art shop rather than an open studio or exhibition. If you’re looking to support a local artist and pick up some unique art pieces then it’s great, but as an exhibition is was lack luster.

Being advertised as an open studio I was hoping to see a glimpse of the printmaking process and have more conversation with multiple artists regarding their work. While Angela was very kind and open to having conversation, the setting was awkward as it was only me and her in the entire shop. Because it is in a small space you can easily view all the art in 15-30 minutes. For the future, more would have to be added to be considered an exhibition.

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Art of Printmaking: Open Studio




The Blurb

Now celebrating forty years, this busy central printmaking studio is open again to the public, exhibiting members' works amid the tools and presses of their creation. With artists present to explain the different processes, this really is a rare (free) opportunity to learn about the pieces you can peruse and buy!