This high-school production of the Broadway classic hits the ground running with its tale of big-name theatre-star Margo Channing gradually usurped by the devious and considerably younger Eve, who becomes Margo’s assistant in order to steal her boyfriend - as well as the show. Set in 50s London in cheap bars and expensive apartments, Applause’s humour and integrity make it a firm member of the musical theatre canon. With this full-length production with big dance numbers, large cast and well-chosen costumes, the Caddo Magnet High School has every reason to be proud of its students.The witty script is delivered in superb deadpan style by Tori Smith as Margo, lines like “Isn’t she a treasure? I think I’ll bury her,” capturing well the spirit of Bette Davis’s portrayal in All About Eve. Jessie Mahon is also to be congratulated for her Eve, and she stood out as actress and dancer throughout, especially in the Gypsy scenes. Although lacking in formal singing training, the stage presence of both meant they were perfect for their roles. The big dance numbers (including several lifts) were gloriously energetic; during the big crowd scenes, several of the chorus, especially Madeline Hiers and Martyn Dello, were particularly personable additions to the stage. I was very impressed that none of the cast let the technical problems throughout put them off their stride - very professional!Although currently lacking in experience this young cast are (fingers crossed) ones to watch out for in the future.

Reviews by James T. Harding

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Experience the lives of actors as they attempt survival in American musical theatre. This 1970 Tony Award-winning musical with show stopping numbers follows the life of Broadway star Margo Channing and the woman who wants to replace her.