Anything's Better Than These C**ts

If this title hasn't caught your attention, nothing at the festival will. The show is almost as aggressive as its title suggests and is all about life in Scotland under the current state of its attachment to Great Britain and the possibility of a greater outcome under independence. Both Viv Grahame and John Scott lace their political views with comedy and this comedy is usually very good.

The comic spin on many of the subjects are very entertaining and extremely well performed.

A word of warning though, if you are not a 'Yes' supporter you will only enjoy this if you can detach yourself from your political views. Almost every political standpoint, party and nation gets a roasting from the two and so if you hold your political beliefs close to your heart, this is not the show for you. On the other hand, if you are a passionate 'Yes' supporter, this could well be the most fitting show you could choose.

That being said, the comic spin on many of the subjects are very entertaining and extremely well performed. Vivien Grahame was slightly less witty and it appeared that the show was being used far more as a mouthpiece for pro-independence than a comedic view on these issues. But she excelled in some audience interaction, canvassing the number of 'Yes' voters, 'No' voters, Scottish and English audience members as well as a funny jibe at the USA leaders too.

Yet the main flesh for the show was in the performance of John Scott who left few stones unturned in his lambasting of most British political leaders and their controversial policies. His section regarding the shortcomings of UKIP was a particular highlight, though perhaps not for the few who had admitted their support earlier in the show. His ridiculing of Farage claiming tiredness as an excuse for racism possibly receiving the largest laughs of all.

This being said, some sections may be considered distasteful by some due to the passion with which the material is delivered. Yet whether or not you agree with the views, the passion is something to behold and may perhaps allow you to better understand some opposing views. Anything's Better Than These Cunts is not a political debate, there is no argument given for the 'Better Together' campaign, and should be regarded as one-sided and biased. That's not to say you should not attend, it is still highly entertaining if it can be considered as a comedy show centred around a political subject. Though given the capacity crowd at The Beehive Inn, they are unlikely to be worrying about empty seats anytime soon.

Reviews by Hamish Clayton

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Comedy coalition Viv Gee and John Scott join forces to take the p out of politics. We may not know what we’re walking into with independence, but with fuel bills soaring, bedrooms taxed and food banks on the table we know what we’re walking away from. This isn't anti-English, this is anti-greed, anti-bullying and auntie Margaret. ‘Delicious payback’ ( ‘Hilarious’ (