Sketch comedy group Graham present an hour long show based around a boy trapped in an underground bunker, following an apocalyptic badger invasion. The narrative of this particular show does work well, but only up to a point; I felt that the opening and ending sketches of the story - in which the boy and his mother try to uncover time travel - were not as strong as the rest of the show.

The bulk of the show’s sketches were ridiculous yet very funny. A personal favourite came towards the start of the show in which a Classics professor arrives at a dinner party with a young male lover. He is then forced to explain himself to his hosts by relating his choice of partner to his area of work. Tech was used to hilarious effect in this particular sketch. Other highlights included a recurring sketch with the punch line ‘I’m sorry, I misread the signs’.

Although a lot of the sketches were well structured, with a funny premise, comical acting and effective punchline, they often were drawn out for too long. Sometimes the climax of the sketch would be reached, the audience satisfied, but Graham would go for a second punchline. These sketches would have been more effective if they had been cut slightly shorter.

Overall, this was a witty and clever take on a sketch show underpinned by a quirky storyline; Anti-Graham was well acted, but needs refining in order to provide maximum comic effect.

Reviews by Joe Talbot


The Blurb

After the acclaimed Graham Rex, Graham are back with brand new sketches in AntiGraham. When bloodthirsty badgers stage a coup d'etat, four friends find themselves trapped in an underground bunker, with only their dreams and memories for comfort.