Anoushka Shankar
  • Edinburgh International Festival

Queen of the sitar Anoushka Shankar is a global musical star " performing to worldwide adulation for her breathtaking sitar virtuosity, and releasing numerous critically acclaimed albums. She grew up playing alongside her father, the legendary Ravi Shankar.

Opening the evening Qawwali legend from Pakistan Faiz Ali Faiz, with his sublime transcendental vocals, expertly performs exhilahrating songs of intoxicating devotion and ecstasy.

Anoushka Shankar's music takes the ancient Indian instrument firmly into the contemporary world " into pop, electronica, classical music and flamenco. Though she makes her sitar speak in many tongues, Anoushka Shankars music remains rooted in the Indian classical traditions.

Here she faces the world head on with works from her album, Land of Gold, created in the context of the humanitarian plight of refugees and a searing cry against injustice.

Join her for an evening of her deeply expressive music " which draws on Indias centuries-old culture, while creating something dynamic and refreshingly new.

Part of the International Festival and British Council season Spirit of '47

The advertised time is approximately when the performance will start. Doors will open at least 30 mins prior to this time.

One of the best sitar players in the world

The Guardian

as spirited as it is spiritual

The National onLand of Gold