Another Heartbreaking But Ultimately Life-Affirming Show About Death

Sanderson Jones lost his mother at the age of 10 and has been thinking about death ever since. His comedy show attempts to break down the fear and worry around death to produce a happier outlook on life. In this he utterly fails. The audience was left greatly dissatisfied. He underestimated everyone’s intelligence with his philosophies on the subject being nothing new despite his happy go lucky approach. The poor explanation of his ideas took up most of the show, where comedy would have been expected making it felt like an afternoon at elderly relatives who feign looking on the bright side of death.Sanderson does have some good jokes and a sense of humour up his sleeves but after the original shock laughs faded, he was dying on-stage to the point where he acknowledged failure. As this was mostly a scripted act either he had a bad day or he apologises at the end of most performances. This show was not heart-warming, certainly not life affirming, but Sanderson still has the ability to provoke some laughter.

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Sanderson Jones, almost an orphan, already a stand-up comedian, invites you to the darkly hilarious world of death, glorious death. A joyful celebration of our own mortality.