Another F*cking Variety Show

If you’re looking for a variety show that is deliciously sexy, a little bit bizarre and a whole lot of unbridled, raucous fun, look no further. Lili La Scala and her sparkling Cabaratti entourage are at the ready to cater to your every cheeky thought and naughty whim.

Another F*cking Variety Show is a riotous and scintillating evening of risqué comedy, fabulous cabaret and general impropriety.

Another F*cking Variety Show celebrates all that is weird and wonderful in the enthralling world of cabaret and burlesque. Every night features a smorgasbord of eclectic acts who take to the stage to give you a taste of their craft. From enticing vaudeville, audacious songs with playful double entendres to crowd-pleasing magic tricks, there is no dull moment to be had.

I was fortunate enough to attend on an evening that boasted an extremely top notch lineup. We had the flamboyant Tomas Ford, the wannabe wizard Alan Hudson, the King of Burlesque himself Ray Gunn, the terrifyingly unpredictable Red Bastard and also a special appearance from the predominantly inconspicuous circus side show Sam Wills – better known as The Boy With Tape on His Face – to name a few. The final act MisSa Blue was one of the strangest things I had ever witnessed and yet nothing is too odd within these glittering walls.

La Scala is the ideal hostess and presenter of the festivities, bringing the show together with just the right amount of charm and panache. She switches between compére and performer with ease and when it is her turn to take to the stage she impresses with her powerful vocal chops and astonishing range.

Another F*cking Variety Show is a riotous and scintillating evening of risqué comedy, fabulous cabaret and general impropriety. It is unabashedly bawdy, gloriously tongue-in-cheek and definitely a brilliant opportunity to see performers who are on the other side of mainstream. 

Reviews by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

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The Blurb

Treat yourself to a late night date with Lili la Scala and her glittering cavalcade of Cabarati. Previous guests include Jason Manford and The Boy With Tape On His Face. ‘Fantastic...charm, talent and innuendo in abundance. A must see...’ ***** ( ‘La Scala was everything a compere should be. Fabulously dressed with a voice like buttercream and just the right amount of naughtiness’ ( ‘A captivating performer - with the looks of a star and the voice of an angel’ **** (