Captivate Theatre’s cast of fresh-faced talent do not disappoint in this adaptation of Annie. This classic heart-warming tale of a precocious young orphan is a family favourite. Captivate Theatre only add charm.

A rip-roaring hour and a half of musical fun

The production boasts a cast of all ages, but the professionalism is not compromised by the skill and enthusiasm of its members. The girls in the orphanage are, from the beginning, as fiery as you might hope. Through engaging, high-energy choreography, they give a firm taste of that no-nonsense New York attitude.

A truly hilarious performance is given by Hazel Beattie as an appropriately vile and egocentric Miss Hannigan. The younger members of the cast co-ordinate well with her, not forgetting the small but fierce, eponymous Annie. Their standoffs provide us with a range of amusing moments and there is a powerful dynamic between the two actresses. Indeed, little Annie cannot be faulted: what a large voice for such a small actress! Her performance of Tomorrow entices audible sobs from the audience. It is safe to say we are entirely charmed by this particular, plucky soloist.

One of the most fantastic things about this production is the genuine sense of fun onstage as well as off. The cast clearly love what they are doing – it’s a community experience that keeps giving to both participant and spectator. The band plays with a musicality intimately connected to the onstage action, flowing so naturally that they too are able to enjoy the performance.

A wonderful and family-friendly experience for anyone who knows and loves Annie, or, equally, for anyone who is new to the music and the story, Captivate Theatre’s production is a rip-roaring hour and a half of musical fun.

Reviews by Daisy McConnel


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The Blurb

After last year's five-star sell-out productions of Sunshine on Leith, Oliver! and Les Misérables School Edition, Captivate Theatre is excited to bring Annie to the Edinburgh Fringe. Young, but determined, orphan Annie's luck changes when she gets to spend Christmas with billionaire Daddy Warbucks. This story, combined with an award-winning book and score featuring songs like Tomorrow and Hard Knock Life, makes Annie a family-favourite musical. 'Bursting with energy, full of emotion and humorous from beginning to end... Fast paced, energetic and lively' (