Anna Morris: It's Got To Be Perfect

I’ve always somewhat despised weddings. Often just a swamp of superficiality, they just seem like an unnecessary, blown-out party in which the bride gets her superficial day in the sun. However it’s with great pleasure to announce that Anna Morris not only seems to sympathise with my views, but also put on the best wedding I’ve ever been to.

It’s Got To Be Perfect is character comedy at its finest; hilarious with serious punch.

In her one-woman show, Anna Morris – well known for her character comedy – plays Georgina, a posh, stuck-up and petulant bride-to-be as she guides us through a rehearsal of the best day of her life, which of course has to be nothing but perfect.

You can tell from the get-go that Georgina is a character that Morris has honed over the years (or as Georgina would say, ‘yahs’). Perhaps a tribute to Catherine Tate’s posh mum sketch, the character that Morris has created is absolutely hilarious, mostly due to Morris’ fierce commitment to it. Her handle over her character is also superb; she brings enough caricature and imagination in the role to create laughs, but also adds just enough realism to make you realise that people like her actually exist.

It’s also obvious from the start that Morris has funny bones. The show involves a fair amount of audience participation and if you’re blessed with an audience that’s willing to get stuck in (as I was) you’ll have a wonderful time. Nonetheless, even if you’re not as lucky as I was, Morris’ interaction with audience members is fantastic, with a quick wit and impressive ability to react to situations.

Yet while the majority of show is essentially a lot of fun and silliness, as Georgina unravels there’s a sudden awareness that it is far more than just that. It becomes obvious that by creating this character Morris is not only setting up the ridiculous, over-the-top notion of the modern wedding, but also discusses the ongoing pressure on women nowadays, whether it’s to do with relationships, appearance or demeanour. It’s Got To Be Perfect is character comedy at its finest; hilarious with serious punch.

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The Blurb

The critically acclaimed character comic, star of ITV2's Bad Bridesmaid and BBC One's Outnumbered, returns after the success of last year’s sell-out hit show, Would Like to Thank. Georgina (of Morris’s viral YouTube series Georgina’s Wedding Blogs) is getting married in Edinburgh and it’s got to be perfect. She’s having 22 rehearsals first, during the festival, and you are invited! ‘Spot-on, darkly comic characters. She’s comedy gold’ ( ‘Beautifully crafted comedy’ (Independent). ‘An exceptional comedy performer’ **** (Skinny). **** (Stage). **** (Herald). **** (Broadway Baby). **** (Sunday Herald). **** (