Anna & Katy

According to Anna and Katy there are two things a comedy double act need: chemistry and jokes.There’s no doubt about their chemistry. Anna and Katy clearly have a deep understanding of their act and they clearly enjoy performing to each other as much as to the audience. When they start bantering with the crowd, they are likeable and funny, which is something that can only come from a position of strength and trust as performers.Their jokes, on the other hand, are more problematic. The sketches are overly long and very hit and miss. There are some great moments (my favourite being a bigoted daytime TV quiz host) but they are diamonds in the rough. It’s reviews like this that remind me of how subjective reviewing comedy can be. Leaving the theatre, I overheard some of the audience comparing Anna and Katy to French and Saunders. Some love French and Saunders, others don’t. I’m of the latter category but if they make you laugh then definitely go along and see the heiresses to the crown.

The Blurb

British Comedy Award nominee 2008 Anna Crilly ('Lead Balloon') and Katy Wix ('Not Going Out') present a show so funny you'll think they're men. 'The most cunning, exciting and brilliantly original example of a sketch show' (List).