Angela Barnes: Rose-Tinted

If you enjoy relatable comedy which is sprinkled with a dusting of political satire, then Angela Barnes: Rose Tinted is the show for you. Barnes delivers an intelligent, and at times hilarious, thought-provoking comedy set.

Well thought out, quick-fire one liners are delivered by a down-to-earth and likeable stage persona.

Fans of the Radio 4 stalwart will not be disappointed by Barnes’ enthusiastic and energetic delivery. Well thought out, quick-fire one liners are delivered by a down-to-earth and likeable stage persona. Despite presenting as a pessimist, Barnes delivers a positive and pacey one hour set; an astute working-class lens is placed over topics as varied as clothing choice to exercise.

Don’t miss her carefully-observed one liners, including the role of a Muller Fruit Corner and an Aldi Cornetto in the Salisbury poisonings, to why her attitude towards Brexit is comporable to that of her views towards flashers. Nostalgia for a seventies childhood and an eighties upbringing are juxtaposed with the boredom experienced by Millenials, while they wait for an app to download.

Barnes’ phobia of singing in public forms a key lynchpin for her set; she shares her journey through the mental health system, where the hilarious characterisation of ‘Babs’, her keyworker, is used as an entertaining callback device.

From non-consensual Vajazzles to a deconstruction of ‘unladylike’ behaviour, Barnes has control of the audience, guiding them to cleverly constructed punchlines. Exploration of what may or may not constitute ‘offensive language’ via #metoo and misogynisitic Twitter trolls, leads to a discussion about #notallmen. Don’t miss the killer line about why you should shop in Lidl during an England match.

Barnes’ out-of-her-depth experience of being booked for a formal function at a Polo Club brought hilarious laughter from the audience, when the nuance of dress codes and a ‘substantial fascinator’ are wittily unpicked. Discover the hilarious way in which a self-identified working class person responds, when complimented on their outfit.

Angela’s experiences using the ‘Couch to 5k’ training app incorporate relatable anecdotes, such as undergoing ‘gait analysis’ in a posh running shoe shop, in addition to discovering her choice of celebrity voice on the running app, and its exponential effect upon running performance. The cult of Park Run is explored, which draws parallels with grey squirrels. Discover the joys of sharing a bed with a polysomnagraph who endures pediodic limb movement disorder.

Angela Barnes fans will not be disappointed by this quality performance. Rose Tinted will entertain the non-initiate as well as die hard fans. The wry delivery causes you to leave with a large grin on your face, revealing Angela Barnes as way more than a ‘substantial fascinator’.

Reviews by Annabel Pribelszki

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The Blurb

Following sell-out Fringe shows in 2014, 2015 and 2017, Angela Barnes (Mock The Week, Alan Davies' As Yet Untitled, Russell Howard's Good News, BBC Radio 4's The News Quiz, host of Newsjack on BBC Radio 4 Extra) is back with her brand-new 2018 show Rose-Tinted. Stand-up and stories that look on the bright side of life. 'Feels like a sure-fire bet the instant she utters her opening lines' (Scotsman). 'She's just a gloriously down-to-earth, straight talking and extremely funny comic' (Guardian). 'The pace is fast, the material strong and the delivery perfect' (