Andy Zaltzman: Satirist for Hire

Andy Zaltzman, best known for his central involvement in The Bugle Podcast, brings his satirical wit to Edinburgh with Satirist For Hire. The show takes the format of the audience sending in emails before the show with topics for Zaltzman to satirise. Though he begins by addressing the topic, his tangents are frequent and long as he veers towards his pre-prepared material.

His inclusion of radio gags were popular and varying proceedings by playing these more frequently would improve the show yet further.

Those familiar with Zaltzman will be well aware of his penchant for a pun or two, and you will not be disappointed with the frequency or strength of his wordplay in his latest offering. Any pun was heralded by a comically silly honk of a horn, something which never failed to bring happiness to the room.

His intelligence and quick-wit was crystal clear to see, the best element of his comedy is undoubtedly his obscure, off-the-cuff asides and the speed with which he conjures them from the depths of his hilarious imagination. More often than not, in true Zaltzman style, they include cricketing references.

The main issue was his tendency to wander off topic. Well off topic. Though it can be amusing for a little while, there were times where I switched off as it appeared the show was simply becoming the ramblings of Zaltzman. Though it was only a preview, there was a need to stick to the emails a little more, or at least discuss far more than the three he managed. Whenever he did continue onto a new email, there was a refreshing change of topic and an increase in interest. Similarly his inclusion of radio gags were popular and varying proceedings by playing these more frequently would improve the show yet further.

If you enjoy satire and some references to current affairs, this would be a good bet; this particular show ranged from Palestine to potato waffles. I would perhaps only suggest the show to those familiar with Zaltzman, as the style of comedy is admittedly niche. For those curious I would point towards The Bugle first, and if you like what you hear, go along to Satirist For Hire for further Zaltzman wit.

Reviews by Hamish Clayton

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Andy Zaltzman: Satirist for Hire




The Blurb

Zaltzman, half of the global smash hit topical podcast The Bugle, returns to Edinburgh to take satirical commissions from you, the public. Are you exasperated by economics, piqued by politics, or wound up about the world? Email your satiricoquery to, including the date you’ll be attending, plus details of your gripe (political/social/miscellaneous). Zaltzman will butter your hot potato and serve it directly back into your face. Your chance to have issues you care about satirised to order by one of Britain’s leading political comedians. ‘Political comedy at its best’ (Sunday Times).