Andy Zaltzman: Plan Z

The Satirists for Hire returns to the fringe with another hour of bizarre similes, half baked ideas, and desire for a better world. Plan Z sees Zaltzman tackle Trump, Brexit and a myriad of other topics in his own unique fashion. It’s a real treat.

Mixing surreal ideas, quotable bon mots, and niche facts into an hours of enjoyable satire

People that turn up early will be treated to a recording of various facts, news updates, and adverts. It's worth getting in early to hear them and a good way to warm up the audience. The puns have taken a backseat for this show for which many fans will be thankful. As always he takes a serious topic and make it silly or vice versa: often a simple but effective way to extract jokes from the news.

One trick he uses which is almost unique to Zaltzman is to take an analogy or metaphor that takes a bizarrely long time to set up, then he pulls the rug from under the audience with a quick-fire gag and it makes the whole journey worth it.

He also seems more comfortable talking to the audience that he has done in the past and these moments shine in the show. There is one particular section about sports that’s especially good. And an honorable mention goes to his short, jokingly bitter section about fellow Political Animal John Oliver.

Mixing surreal ideas, quotable bon mots, and niche facts into an hours of enjoyable satire. He may not topple the system but he certainly makes it more bearable.

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The Blurb

The marginally less successful half of global hit satirical podcast The Bugle, performed with John Oliver since 2007, returns to the Fringe to plot his planet’s path to and/or from preservation and/or perdition. In a show encompassing national identity, hope, fear and live action democracy, Zaltzman will address diverse issues such as the past, the present, and the future, body-surfing the unending volcano of confused fury that is modern global politics. 'A master satirist' (Time Out). 'Political comedy at its best' (Sunday Times). @ZaltzCricket @hellobuglers