Andi Osho: All the Single Ladies

Andi Osho, the rising female comedian famous for her appearances on Mock the Week and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, is taking to pieces what it means to be a single lady in modern society, with help from the audience of the Cabaret Bar in the Pleasance Courtyard. Osho is very quick-witted and keeps the momentum going as she makes sharp comments and jokes about the responses she gets from the audience members, who are picked on to discuss their relationship status. Her main flaw, however, is the reliance the show has upon the audience as fresh material is handed to her on a plate and the attention is slightly withdrawn from Osho herself. The concept of this stand up show is that Osho, at the beginning of the set, asks in the audience if there are any single men and she chooses one to go on a date with her later that night, if they are so inclined. She then uses some of the stories she has from these dates as anecdotes for the performance. It is a funny idea and I believe she is brave to go through with it, but whether it is the best source of comedy is questionable. Osho enlightens the audience with tales of online dating, facebook stalking, one night stands and dates from hell. It is comical because people can relate to it but not really because it’s clever. Her observational style of comedy will take you to advice on how to facebook stalk somebody you fancy subtly and how to avoid the dreaded conversation about ex partners. All The Single Ladies is amusing but it isn’t a concept that allows Osho’s boundaries for wittiness to be stretched to the maximum. Instead she leaves the audience with a show that feels as if we are sat having coffee with a fairly funny friend, not a professional stand up comic. Many people will definitely enjoy this show but, in the words of Beyonce, if I liked it I would have put a fourth star on it.

The Blurb

Following her hit 2010 Edinburgh debut, Andi (Channel 4’s 'Stand Up for the Week') dissects the pitfalls of dating in this brutally honest and totally hilarious stand-up show. ‘Impressive’ (Guardian). ‘Warm and witty’ (Independent).