And For My Next Trick

It’s a fair statement to make that there are both straight-up sceptics and those who actively try to believe when it comes to magic, but the fact still remains that an audience for any show – no matter their magical persuasion – wants to be entertained. Thankfully the star of the show, Kevin Quantum has a natural gift for working an audience, and effortlessly makes his way down the aisle; holding the bated breath of the masses in his seemingly enchanted hand.

A skilful set performed by an accomplished and seasoned entertainer, And For My Next Trick will amuse you throughout

And For My Next Trick relies heavily on audience participation and during the selection process for the lucky few it appears that pigs really can fly (even if in the form of a stuffed toy lobbed across our heads). It is a nice touch to engage with the crowd and topple the wall of doubt that is all too existent with magic. When an audience is kept away from the stage it can feel as though there are a host of hidden rigs and things we ought not see, but Kevin makes the whole show accessible, igniting a childlike wonder amongst us that grows with every sleight of hand.

I struggled, however, to get on board with the actual magic of the show. A couple of the tricks were things I had either seen before or knew the secrets to. In fact, it was between routines when Kevin Quantum impressed me the most: filling a few seconds with a tissue paper that burned into a beautiful rose or some card wizardry that left me wanting more. The main tricks – in particular the calculation of a large number from important numerals selected by random audience members – just didn’t wow me as much as the so-called sideshow illusions. That’s not to say they weren’t enjoyable though, and Quantum’s unique blend of comedy and charming appeal made the evening glide by.

A skilful set performed by an accomplished and seasoned entertainer, And For My Next Trick will amuse you throughout – but if doubt still remained as to whether or not Kevin Quantum actually possessed magical powers, then this show unfortunately confirmed the answer to be no.

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The Blurb

Magician-Scientist hybrid Kevin Quantum activates his silly side with comedy sketch-magic. This fast paced show has more blow-your-brains tricks than you can shake a wand at and will make you laugh. Nominated at the Scottish Comedy Awards, award winner at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe and one third of legendary sketch group The Colour Ham – KQ will rock your socks off. And you won't even have to take off your shoes. 'Will take your breath away, hide it and then make it appear in someone else's pocket' **** (