An Introduction to Twerking

Listen. We know you've been wondering how to take a flattering dick pic. It's tricky, and an awkward subject, so we all thought you should go see Sarah Cassidy's show to learn how to do it right. This tiny American has seen all sorts, and talks us through lighting and composition like she's discussing holiday photos. Once she's done with that little lesson, she'll show us before and after shots of all our favourite photo-shopped celebrities, and try to figure out how to be a Good Woman, heels, hair, talons and all.

Why is it so hard to take a decent dick pic?

Feminism, at last, is a subject comedians of all genders are getting their teeth into, and few are in the same league as Cassidy. With a critical eye and a well-researched political stance on all kinds of sexism, she talks us through how easy it is to let things go before telling us it's not right. Hilarious anecdotes are rounded off with moments of self-reflection, as she asks where her own prejudices have come from, trying to chase them away. But these big questions, controversial topics and potentially rage-inducing observations are treated with care and attention and more than a few puns thrown in for good measure. Despite its ideological base, this is a comedy show, and one in which we can ask questions of the world around us and see exactly how ridiculous it has become. Why is the same (female) model on the front cover of a mens' and a womens' magazine? Why are we the only country in the world to have a Page Three model? Why is it so hard to take a decent dick pic?

For this wonderfully light-hearted hour about a very heavy topic, Cassidy deserves a bigger venue and the chance to fill it up with laughter. She is sharp and quick-witted, as well as forgiving and very well versed in the history of twerking. Rounding off her show with a spectacular dance display, she leaves us all with the impression that maybe, one day, it will get sorted out. In the meantime, it's okay to think, twerk, and take whatever pictures we please.

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The Blurb

My name is Sarah, I'm a American comedian. In this show I talk about twerking and dick selfies, two pop culture phenomena that have changed your world in ways you haven't realised. I was shortlisted for the BBC New Comedy Awards in 2013 and I was a finalist is the national competition Funny's Funny in 2012. The media has called me 'A genuine highlight' (Threeweeks) and 'Hilarious' (The Skinny). If you care about pop culture, gender, sexism, feminism or politics then this is the show for you.