An Audience with the King

Andre King’s style is an endearing one. Always bright-eyed and with a smile on his face, he comes across as jolly, calm and professional. His set mainly covered encounters with people he’d met on his travels in Australia, Thailand and Great Britain, detailing distinctions between nationalities, with hilariously caricatured impressions and accents.

A few of the jokes were recognisable, for example one about the beautiful Thai ‘girl’s’ erection, though, he told it well nevertheless. It is also noteworthy that there was consistent laughter despite an audience of about ten. What was especially endearing was how open he was with the audience, notably getting sentimental about his career. He talks about how his outlook on comedy is changing and how he’s always wanted to perform in Edinburgh - and all of this without the crude or sarcastic punch-lines we Brits are so accustomed to.

By the end Andre King had truly exposed himself to the audience - and not just because he performed a Maori dance topless as a kind of grand finale. This is comedy at its most civilised and sincere.

The Blurb

Andre King leads the audience on an uproarious journey, from the antipodes to the motherland, from which no traveller returns unchanged. Once a King, always a King ... but once a night is enough!