All the King's Men - Putting It Together Again

One song short of a Spice Girls Tribute band, the boys from King’s have smashed another year at the Fringe. Putting It Together Again is a slick show featuring some of the greatest songs of all time such as Aerosmith’s, ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’.With A Cappella groups there is often a fine line between funny and cheesy. Occasionally the line is tiptoed across in the wrong direction but they turn things around again fairly quickly. Highlights certainly include their exquisite version of Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ as the lead vocals for this are truly incredible. Another audience favourite is ‘American Woman’ with a comedic performance running alongside the stunning singing.These guys put many singers in the UK charts to shame with their overwhelming talent. However, if I have one criticism it is that I believe certain voices in the King’s Men are overused whilst others – that might have been more preferable in specific songs – are not taken advantage of. Vocals aren’t quite flawless but they aren’t far off. All The King’s Men have indisputably put together an excellent show again.

The Blurb

Fresh from a successful USA tour, award-winners All the King’s Men are back. Unrelenting energy, diverse music, entertaining choreography. ‘Fantastically fun, a classy, charismatic outfit’ (