Alistair Williams and Daryl Perry Love You

Two comedians with quite different styles split an hour to give you a quick shot of what they are all about. They even provided snacks. The show’s material doesn’t really follow any particular theme, except for the occasional reminder that Perry and Williams love us all and want to show their gratitude.

Whilst both comedians could do with a little polishing here and there, the show is the perfect length to get a feel for their styles.

Perry welcomes the audience with open arms, engaging in humorous conversations and showing us all a little bit of what goes on inside his wacky Welsh head. He makes hilarious observations about the differences between male and female grooming, meeting people when you are single and the Swansea nightlife. He’s laid back and kooky, and responds well to his audience. He interacted with people quite a lot and asked them questions, building some good material from their responses. He’s crude at points but not too much, and tells a creative but kind of weird story he has written. He then passes you into the very different hands of Alistair Williams.

Williams is much less chilled than Perry and at points feels a little like he’s rushing through a rehearsed speech, but he still fits in lots of good gags along the way. He talks of living with Australians in Croydon, the struggles of being strapped for cash and working at a bookie’s. His material strays into the controversial more than Perry’s does, but he’s careful just to dip his toe in. He also has a small rant about the confusing question of why ladies like a bad boy, which made for humorous listening. He is as strong a comedian as Perry at his high points in the set but he did have a couple of jokes which fall a bit flat- such as his final pants related gag, which was a bit of a poor one to end on.

Whilst both comedians could do with a little polishing here and there, the show is the perfect length to get a feel for their styles.

Reviews by Kayleigh Blair

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The Blurb

Alistair Williams and Daryl Perry think you're brilliant. They always have. Ever since they heard about you (which they admit was relatively recently). To celebrate how you're really knocking life out of the park, they've put on a show about the wonder of you. Sure, they'll talk a little about themselves, but only because they want you to know that you're not in this alone. Come join two award-winning new comedians as they celebrate the beauty of you. They'll even bake you a cake!* (*cake may be metaphorical).