Alistair Green Is Jack Spencer: Sex Addict

Sex, heroine and general debauchery - Alistair Green and his alter-ego Jack Spencer want to change the world, three steps at a time. Jack Spencer is a recovering sex addict, hell-bent on educating the world on this awful affliction and raising awareness of this ‘global epidemic’.

Green presents us with a confident, if not slightly unhinged character who is darkly funny. He comments on those in the media, satirising the celebrity-obsessed, consumer-driven society in which we live. Through the guise of a narcissistic, self-deluded character, Green takes a closer look at those in the spotlight, and the ways in which music and clapping can help everyone in Africa. ‘Do they know it’s Pancake Day’ was a fantastic line!

His one man show, which he is convinced will be a great success, is very entertaining. Playing both himself and his conscience, Green displays wit and great acting ability. Informing the audience that he is planning on going into children’s TV, Green presents us with Sweep the puppet and highlights the dangers of taking hard drugs. Although clearly meant to outrage, injecting the puppet with a needle seemed a bit much. The fact that he sticks his head up from behind the curtain, claiming that he is ‘just checking that everyone is still here, people tend to walk out at this point’ says it all really.

The graphic actions, namely imitating having sex on stage, will not be to everyone’s taste. But with an undercurrent of irony apparent throughout the show, Green is devilishly funny. Provocative, sarcastic and a wicked sense of humour, Alistair Green is well worth going to see.

Reviews by Emily Edwards


The Blurb

Join stand-up and nearly famous media personality Jack Spencer as he discusses his devastating sex addiction, global politics (time permitting), and performs his (potentially) award-winning one-man play. 'Undiscovered genius' (Guardian).