Ali McGregor's Jazzamatazz

“I have a moshpit!” yelled Ali McGregor as her eager audience gathered round and popped the bubbles she was producing. Helped by her two trusty dance companions, Ali McGgregor has created a show sure to be enjoyed by all ages. Jazzamatazz is filled with some classic McGregor songs originally aimed at a slightly older audience but also included many childhood favorites. However, in true McGregor style the songs have been given a jazzy revamp and are a pleasant alternative to those of us who have sung plain old Baa Baa Black sheep one too many times.

Even before the music had started some of the children couldn’t resist the urge to step onto the dance floor. Luckily the Famous Spiegeltent is more than able to accommodate this with a dance floor for the fearless and cushions for the slightly less exuberant. McGregor and her dancers encouraged everyone to jiggle and jive and got the crowds going no matter what their age.

Fans of McGregor will need no reminder of her fantastic singing ability. Her rich and velvety voice is a pleasure to listen to whether she is singing Beyonce or the ABC song. As an entertainer McGregor knows how to work an audience. Her charisma and enthusiasm are evident in the pithy banter between songs, not all of it aimed at the children. As a parent McGregor also understands that on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (this show runs at weekends) surrounded by squealing, if delighted, children, a drink is very much appreciated. As such she encourages the children to dance, the adults to enjoy their juice and in general creates a great atmosphere filled with jazz hands and sparkly shoes that all could enjoy.

As any adult attending a children’s show is well aware, most of the enjoyment comes from seeing the smiling, or at least not crying, faces of the children in attendance. This show was filled with screeching, giggling, running and dancing children all having a great time and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Ali McGregor is a treat for anytime of day and everyone should endeavor to see her.

Reviews by Nicole Adam


The Blurb

An afternoon of jumping, jiving jazz with snazzy beats and trashy pop references guaranteed to get your kids singing, prancing, twisting and dancing. Parents, grandparents and friends can join in or sit back and relax!