Alex the Mind Reader

This show combines lighthearted, clean comedy with some spooky mentalism and a little bit of silliness. 

It was just a shame that it was so short - it didn't fill the full hour slot and ended quite abruptly

Alex McAleer, dressed in a slick suit and with a charismatic and welcoming air, asks his guests to fill in a short card revealing things such as what they do for a living, what their hobbies are or a fact about themselves. These cards are placed in a bowl and used as verification later on for tricks. He then eerily predicts things they have written and things they have not. He predicted the name of someone that an audience member had kissed, as well as that a little boy's favourite TV show was Dr Who. He also guessed and locations that people imagined and names of pets. He additionally predicted which audience members a few of the cards came from.

His audience were willingly volunteering to have their minds read. Alex even teaches one lucky audience member how to read minds themselves. It was nice to see a magic act who didn't turn to a deck of cards at any point in his show, as so many do.

There are points in the show when you think that his trick has gone wrong, such as when he was teaching a lady to read minds; however he then astounded us by showing that it had gone as intended all along.

One trick which was only a little bit of a let down was the 'What's under the Hanky' section. The game was played twice with different objects, but it didn't seem to have any trick or much mentalism to it - it was basically just a guessing game. Also, the first time it appeared to go a little bit wrong; the audience member had guessed correctly what was under the hanky, however Alex seemed to gloss over this and suggest that she had said something else. The audience played along with his manoeuvre however as the rest of the show was impressive. It was just a shame that it was so short - it didn't fill the full hour slot and ended quite abruptly. Despite this it was an entertaining introduction to Alex’s abilities.

Reviews by Kayleigh Blair

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The Blurb

Mentalist, mind-magician or psychological-illusionist - call him what you will, Alex McAleer reads minds. This is contemporary mentalism at its best, combining a sharp wit with 'uncanny powers of prediction' ( Alex reveals strangers' secrets, demonstrates why you should never play cards with him and teaches one lucky member of the audience how to read minds. 'Smart, confident, entertaining' (The Magic Circle). 'It’s hard to find your own voice in mentalism without sounding like you’re trying to copy Derren Brown, but you succeeded splendidly' (Martin S Taylor, hypnotist who inspired Derren Brown).