Alex Love: How to Win a Pub Quiz

The premise of Alex Love - How to win a Pub Quiz is that the audience become participants in a quiz, having been taught how to actually win it (you get the answers right!).

Whether winners or losers, everyone left happy

The show is simply structured into two clear halves. In the first part Love charmingly regales us with entertaining stories and facts using typical pub quiz rounds such as film and music to introduce us to the key points in his life.We learn about his favourite music and are even treated to an extract from a film script he has written. Two volunteers acted this out with Love’s direction in an attempt to bring this particular moment to life.

At this point Love brought in the ‘true facts’ bell - that he would ring at any point of the show whenever a true fact was stated. The audience greeted this with much hilarity as it became a running gag throughout.

In the second part of the show, the audience were split into teams and were tested on the information given to us in the first half. Had there been more physical room for teams to interact with each other during the quiz section it would have been an even more enjoyable experience, but as Alex Love was playing to a full house, and the room was small, this wasn’t possible. Hardly a complaint.

Love is a confident and relaxed performer who makes his audience feel at ease.There are many very funny moments in this show, and in a nod to shows like QI, Love would randomly deduct points from teams, upping the concentrated competition in the room. The winning team was able to choose their prize (round or square), but whether winners or losers, everyone left happy.

If you enjoy audience interaction as well as a quiz delivered by a skilful host with a twinkle in his eye, then do go along. It’s fun.

Reviews by Jen Adamson

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Alex Love: How to Win a Pub Quiz




The Blurb

This highly interactive show is part stand-up, part actual pub quiz. Expand your trivia, compete against other teams, witness results. Returning for its fourth year, prepare for facts, niche-referenced nonsense, and prizes. Full for 2015, sold-out 2016. ‘That the energy and humour are maintained throughout is testament to Love's ability to work an audience. A brilliantly fun show packed full of running gags and ad-libs’ ( 'It takes quite a show to create such a sense of engagement that one music question can become a full-blown sing-along’ (