Alex Edelman: Millennial

Up in Pleasance’s intimate stand-up venue Attic, there is one young comedian who is making waves on the comedy scene as he manages to cement himself as a firm Fringe favourite every year. Alex Edelman’s show Millennial is a charming exploration of what makes the generation of student-debt-addled and disillusioned young Americans keep going.

Edelman’s ability to bring insight to the performance makes him stand out from the crowd.

Not needing to resort to over the top or brash approaches in order to get laughs, Edelman’s light touch is a refreshingly sincere form of stand-up. His laid back story-telling style puts the audience immediately at ease, his endearing patter making it feel more like putting the world to rights with an old friend than going to a gig. This unique rapport that the young comic forms with the crowd makes for one of the most easily enjoyable hours of stand-up I’ve seen.

In the show, Edelman discusses a test he took to find out how much of a ‘Millennial’ he really is. In his dissection of the questions asked of him and his results, topics are tackled from all aspects of life, politics, family, relationships and dolphin marriage. The variety shows the incredibly acute and well informed worldview of a young comedian on the cusp of greatness.

While the set is not as gag-filled as other acts at the Fringe, it never feels like it’s lacking. Edelman’s ability to bring insight to the performance makes him stand out from the crowd. Alex Edelman is going to take the circuit by storm and this is the perfect setting in which to experience his best appearance yet.

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The Blurb

Alex Edelman is a New York-based comedian who has lived in Boston, LA and Jerusalem. He’s a recent college graduate, and according to the Boston Globe, has ‘natural comic timing’ and contains qualities ‘wonderful to see in a young comedian’. This is his first Edinburgh show. He’s been working on it for a long time, so it’ll be good. Even figuring out the simple, one-word title for the show was an agonising amount of stress. He’d like you to come see it. It covers a lot of ground, or at least a little bit of ground, intensely.