After Dark Lewes Ghost Walk

This is not your typical childish ghost walk filled with tales of ghouls, beasties and ghostly little girls in their pyjamas. At the opening of the expedition we are warned by our tour guide Malcom Campbell - an enthusiast in the supernatural - to approach everything he recounts with a decidedly open mind. This warning rings true as we soon begin to focus on the recorded appearances of poltergeists, doppelgängers and apparitions.

But at points I felt my scepticism get the better of me

An individual with an open mind will relish the opportunity to hear about some of the freakishly coincidental 'happenings' that have occurred throughout Lewes' history, yet one who doesn’t 'open their mind' may find the tour rather too serious and even tedious at times.

While I expected something a little more jovial with less of a niche focus on the scientific explanations of ghosts, the tour, which guided us around the beautiful town of Lewes was obviously well researched. It seemed to be something of a passion project, an outlet for knowledge that might otherwise go unused.

The tour began in the shadow of the impressive Lewes Castle, as the sun set on a beautiful Saturday evening. The historical and architectural beauty makes you aware that no excuse is needed to explore the various nooks and crannies of this ancient town. A highlight is the visit to the All Saints Centre graveyard (a converted church arts centre) where the tour combined history and the paranormal to exciting effect. But at points I felt my scepticism get the better of me and the suspension of disbelief was somewhat lost to (unfortunately) comic effect. All in all, the tour guide presented us with a detailed and interesting collection of stories, displaying a real interest in this somewhat off the wall topic.

The seriousness and intensity of the tour would not be suitable for children or even younger teenagers craving a more fun filled evening. Though adults with a burgeoning interest in the paranormal, sign up here!

Reviews by Duncan Grindall

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The Blurb

You would expect our historic county town to be haunted and it does not disappoint. Here you will learn of a variety of strange apparitions and some particularly frightening poltergeists!