Adventurers Wanted: Rebellion

Elves, magic, and a lot of dice. These things may come to mind when one thinks of Dungeons and Dragons but the foundation of Adventurers Wanted: Rebellion is not the game, but the people. A group of four players and one Game Master lead the public on the fantasy adventure of a lifetime in this entertaining introduction to the world of role-playing games.

This show is perfect for both experienced players as well as those who can’t tell their warlocks from their wizards.

The story begins in a cult-run mine where today’s players were enslaved, two pickaxes between the four of them. When two workers (played by the fearless Game Master, Leo West) begin a rebellion, the four players are sucked into a chaotic and close fight for freedom - And that’s just the beginning. The beauty of this improvised show is that each one-hour instalment is an entirely new chapter in a journey spanning over 100 hours, with new players and plot twists every session.

Such a daunting premise requires a charismatic leader and Adventurers Wanted: Rebellion certainly has that with West. He expertly directs the narrative with such detailed imagery that it creates a fantasy world before your eyes and his ability to adapt to each situation thrown at him by the players is impressive to say the least. Indeed, all players must be flexible as the outcome of every action depends on the roll of a dice, often with hilarious results. The higher the number, the more successful an action as Flare the bard (Chloe Mashiter) found out when her dodgy aim managed to knock out a guard, and not poor Kes the monk (Chris Hislop). The high chance that something might go wrong only makes it more entertaining, with part of me willing the dice to show a low score to see how the players would blag their way out of trouble.

The players’ quick wit provides constant entertainment, with Chazz Redhead’s Minnesotan firbolg (I’m told it looks like a cow) and James Bennison’s warlock in particular delivering sharp one-liners in character. This easy humour and their out-of-character banter makes one feel immediately at home with the regular players, which is no small feat given the niche gaming style. I was struck how welcoming the team was to new people, though some of the lingo was not always user-friendly and to maintain momentum explanations cannot always be given. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was relaxed and the players approachable, meaning this show is perfect for both experienced players as well as those who can’t tell their warlocks from their wizards. With numerous shows and two ‘player tickets’ available per session, truly anyone can get involved and experience the adventure for themselves.

Reviews by Becca Chadder

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Adventurers Wanted: Rebellion




The Blurb

The adventure returns! Tabletop role-playing games meets live storytelling in an improvised epic brought to life over a whole month. Witness the legend unfold over 100 individual hour-long shows, or play yourself! Adventurers Wanted is designed to be open and accessible – whether you’ve played role-playing games before or have no idea what they are! The story that gets told is down to the players: there’s no way of knowing where the adventure will end up, but it’s guaranteed to be unlike anything else, and 'the most fun hour at the Fringe' (