Adrienne Truscott's A One-Trick Pony!

One Trick Pony is the follow up to the critically acclaimed mouthful of a fringe show, Adrienne Truscott's Asking For It: A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else!

The finale is an absolute sensory blast and one that will live long in the mind of this reviewer.

Truscott “got naked” in Asking for It and right at the top of this hour she creates the expectation that she’ll go starkers again. Truscott is a huge fan of comedian/wrestler/song-and-dance man, Andy Kaufman. Like Kaufman, she says, she does love a good gimmick. We quickly discover, however, that what she really wants to do is move on from life as a feminist performance artist and become a straight stand-up comedian. Should she keep her clothes on?

The themes of feminism, political correctness and irony are explored in a pleasingly original way. Truscott has a wonderful comic mind with a talent for delivering very funny visual gags. Terrific use of props and costume and a thumping soundtrack, interspersed with some great Kaufman clips keeps the show ticking along nicely.

In comparison to the rest of the set, her more conventional stand-up elements seem rather under-rehearsed. One yearns for her to produce more of what she says she actually wants to deliver. Of course the fact that she is struggling to transform her act is the point, but it does give the show an uneven feel.

One Hit Pony hits a lot more than it misses. The finale is an absolute sensory blast and one that will live long in the mind of this reviewer.

Broadway Baby Radio interview with Adrienne Truscott

Reviews by Martin Walker

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The Blurb

Your No.1 GPRL (Gimmicky Pantsless Rape Lady) is back!! With more gimmicks and a brand new pussy? It's a sometimes naked hour of wrestling: wrestling with jokes, irony, standing up, comics, hookers, fish, race, racist hookers, ironic fish, trolls, Foster's, her favourite dead (?) comedian and the difference between being a one-trick pony and a horse's ass. She may have gotten too big for her britches, but here she comes to save the day. Comedy isn't for pussies, so she's throwing hers back in the ring. (Trigger warning: This show is not about rape.)