Adele Is Younger Than Us

Adele is Younger Than Us is a hilarious, down to earth comedy about the everyday struggles that ‘normal’ girls face. Sally O’Leary (Stiff) and Rhiannon Neads (Kitsch) present their charming stories through original anecdotal songs and stand-up routines. This relatable piece is an ode to every girl who has been ever been ‘friend zoned’ or taken on a ‘practice date’.

A celebration of friendship and being secure in yourself and your own quirkiness.

Sally and Rhiannon make a delightful double act. Sally is Irish and loves Cocoa Pops. Rhiannon is from Bath and likes to wear Pink Lady apple head pieces to fancy dress parties. Both of them are quite different to one another but complement each other wonderfully on stage. They introduce the show stating that they have lost their pianist to a Hollywood movie. Not to worry though as a cardboard figure of Ryan Gosling is here to fill in. They take us through the Wikipedia List of Doom that includes a number of famous icons who are all younger than them. Adele mentors them in an amusing Big Brother manner through a distant speaker telling them to write songs based on their own experiences. But how do you write a love song if you’ve never been in love?

Rhiannon delivers a number of witty anecdotes in this show, my favourites including her membership to a beanie baby club and meeting a bursary officer at a party named Grant. Sally presents a hilarious sketch about texting before emojis and the aftermath of a messy night out.

Although this is a light hearted comedy it also provides us with an inspirational and powerful message- to go easier on your younger self and that being single does not make you a less valid person. This show is a celebration of friendship and being secure in yourself and your own quirkiness. Sally and Rhiannon are contagious and you cannot help being taken in by the feel good vibes that this show has to offer.

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The Blurb

We've all been there, the shattering realisation that you're not Adele. Stiff and Kitsch (Vault 2017 Comedy Award winners) will take you on a journey through the trials and tribulations of love, with all the heartbreak but none of the Grammys. Come join your fellow mortals for the culmination of years of optimistic frustration wedged into an hour of musical stand-up. We're all someone like us. 'Hysterical and brilliantly written... These two are a pair to watch out for!' ***** ( 'Guaranteed to put a smile on your face' ***** (