According To Arthur...

PaddleBoat Theatre Company has produced one of the most magical and captivating children’s shows I have seen in their latest production According to Arthur.

This is a sweet and uplifting story which plays on the heart strings of all the children and grownups in the room.

Here we meet an old man who is trapped and alone in his attic because he is too scared to step out into the big, scary world. Instead, he spends his time writing imaginary stories full of adventures to his one friend: the moon. However, when one night the moon fails to appear, he can no longer finish his stories. Thus, the audience are invited to come along and assist Arthur in creating and finishing his stories in the hope that he will gain the courage to leave his room and venture out into the scary world.

This show is pure magic. From the very beginning I was entranced and didn’t want it to end and this is down to the strong, four member ensemble. Katy Dash, Hattie Brown and Stuart Cottrell’s narration of Arthur’s story is beautiful to listen to and watch as they encourage the children to contribute and become involved in telling Arthur’s stories. Michael Smith, Arthur, is comical and entertaining to watch through his extensive facial expressions.

The participation required in this show is simple but effective as they get everyone to perform tasks such as blowing on a balloon to help it send a message back to Arthur. It means that everyone from all ages have the chance to get involved. These interactive moments become interwoven with spellbinding use of set and puppetry. Using props such as scarves and umbrellas, they use simple objects to bring people, animals and objects to life. The creation of the moon with a white umbrella is a true highlight along with the use of a white paper bag to tell the story of a young girl in a developing country.

This is a sweet and uplifting story which plays on the heart strings of all the children and grownups in the room. It explores how we will find friendship and love if we just dare to step out and embrace the big outside world. 

Reviews by Emily Blackwell

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The Blurb

Meet Arthur – an old man who lives alone in his attic unleashing his imagination through pen and paper. He never ventures outside, instead he spends his time writing stories for the moon. But Arthur needs your help! The clouds have covered the sky and the moon is nowhere to be seen, and without it Arthur can’t finish his stories. PaddleBoat Theatre Company invite you to bring your own stories and your unbounded imagination as together we try to help Arthur write the best stories in the world – and learn something of Arthur’s own story too...