Absolutely Amazing Adventures of the Singing Acupuncturist - Free

It isn’t often as a reviewer that you come across a show with absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Unfortunately, the Singing Acupuncturist was among them. This show, from planning to execution, was abysmal and close to unwatchable. The show followed the experiences of Olivia the Singing Acupuncturist who is attempting to get away from her balanced Acupuncturist life and accomplish her dreams of singing and performance on a Broadway stage. This dream is beginning here at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It ends here too. The Singing Acupuncturist is a generous title as Olivia lacks the ability to sing at all. The performer’s renditions of popular songs were appalling. These warbles managed to be out of key, out of tune and out of time with the backing music all at once. This lack of vocal talent was paired with some of the most awkward dancing ever to be seen on stage. At one point Olivia had to be prompted on lyrics and restarted the song. This lack of preparation is simply insulting to an audience. Worse than this there was absolutely no reason for her to sing these songs. They came from nowhere, interrupting her monotonous monologue. More painful than the even the vocal performance was the acupuncturist’s terrible acting. Olivia plays various characters that either hinder or aid her dreams. Every one of these painful personalities had the same voice and posture. When she was not playing characters Olivia droned on with an awful script that discusses the importance of her dreams and artistic ambition. ‘I’ve seen dreams that move mountains,’ Olivia proclaims looking up at the sky. I can assure you that this woman’s dream to become a performer is not one of those. Free is too much to pay for this show. At the end Olivia tells us to tell our enemies if we disliked the show. Don’t worry Olivia, mine will be queuing round the block.

The Blurb

Olivia the singing acupuncturist, continues her journey exploring the stuff of dreams. Destination? New York. With storytelling and songs, Olivia will uplift and enlighten those who want to accomplish their dreams.