Absolute Improv!

Comedy troupe To Be Continued... present a hilarious hour of spontaneous shenanigans. Paul, Sam and Harry are a good team, each with their own particular quirkiness.

A quick glance at their website shows that they have a whole array of games to choose from, so it's safe to assume that each show they do is going to be very different. Today they warmed up with an eighties style rap-off, where the audience chose a random word that the lyrics were centred around. As with all improv performances, the show requires a great deal of audience participation. As a result, how good the show is can sometimes depend on how imaginative the audience are. This particular crowd didn't seem to be aware that their involvement was imperative and were relatively reluctant to get involved.

The players were not deterred, however, full of spirit and bounding about the stage, making up for the lack of audience enthusiasm with their own. They chose which games to play on the spot, adding to the impulsive atmosphere. A few obliging members of the audience got the ball rolling and the players set about creating sketches. Extremely quick-witted and intuitive, the troupe clearly know each other well, being able to ricochet off each other with an uninterrupted flow of merriment. While the whole set is amusing, the players excel at absurdist humour, earning the biggest laugh when they pretended to be pieces of cheese in a sauna. The evening show is family friendly and will keep you feeling full of fluffy mirth for the rest of the night.



The Blurb

Scottish group create witty improvised sketches based on your suggestions. Come shout zany ideas, or bring unique items and see them transformed into fabulous scenes! Fringe 2011 smash hit returns! 'Had me laughing uncontrollably' **** (EdinburghSpotlight.com). www.tbcimprov.co.uk.