Above the Clear Blue Sky

Although dangerously like an extended Russian Eurovision entry, Above the Clear Blue Sky’s stadium rock surrealist take on the standard a capella ensemble is an entertaining and interesting way to spend and evening. Accompanied by bass and drums, the group bust through a projection screen dressed in colour co-ordinated baby-grows to cycle through their rich Euro-pop arrangements and a strange snatch of Bach - New Born, Georgia on my Mind, Bohemian Rhapsody...Surreal visual effects are the key to the shows presence. Moving torches, psychedelic dancing and a costume change are all supplemented with several short films including a Rolf Harris-style goo painting. There’s also plenty of audience participation with feathers, danger tape and gloves, and an enormous parachute to keep us busy. Some of the audience found the level of participation required intimidating - be warned - but the friendly smiles of the group has most of us at ease.The arrangements were great, especially the descant parts, but the high point of the show was the a capella and unplugged Can’t Buy Me Love whose Renaissance-style simplicity was somehow much more effective than all the sounds and lights of the big pop numbers. The mellifluous low notes of Seseg Khapsasova add a depth of personality to the groups’ sound that many harmony groups lack, and if they can overcome their jarring Russian accents and over-simple message of love and peace they are certainly set to take the UK by storm.

Reviews by James T. Harding

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Tired of gloomy days, feel misunderstood, can't find the words for your loved ones? Follow us to the sounds of music! International hits sound anew in six-voice arrangements accompanied by a live band. www.abovetheclearbluesky.com