Abnormally Funny People

Abnormally Funny People showcases some of the best and brightest comedians living with disabilities on the circuit, oh and a token “normal”. It’s a nice idea and it works well, it could fall into mawkishness but never does, it’s a series of solid acts tied together by a theme.

The line-up changes every day, but it’s clear the producers know how to pick good acts.

The show starts with a brilliant message to the audience telling us what to expect and fits in some good jokes that lampoon safety announcements.

First on the bill was Gareth Berliner. He takes an easy-going conversational route and litters his set with amusing anecdotes and solid jokes. He’s also possibly the first comedian I’ve seen that has done material on airports that I’ve actually laughed at.

Next up was Juliet Burton. Some of her material falls a bit flat as she uses delivery rather than a well-constructed joke to carry her through certain routines but her happy go lucky delivery will have you smiling till the next gag.

If I had a pound for every time I’ve seen a “comedian” try and get laughs from miming along to Kate Bushes’ Wuthering Heights I’d be in a much better financial situation. I believed that the idea had been exhausted but Caro Sparks decided to prove me wrong, and I am glad she did. Her time spent working the cabaret scene has gifted her with fantastic timing.

Headlining was the fantastic and foul mouthed Tanyalee Davis. She certainly knows how to work an audience, she found what was working and mined it for all it was worth.

The line-up changes every day, but it’s clear the producers know how to pick good acts. If you want to see a showcase of solid acts Abnormally Funny People is worth the price of admission.

Reviews by James W. Woe

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The Blurb

They’re back! Abnormally Funny People are 10 years old. Their brand new show will have different comedians every night. Each one will be packed with top notch stand-up, silly songs and a splash of improvisation. All the acts have a disability, except for the token non-disabled one. It’s all about inclusion! Produced by Steve Best and Simon Minty, creative advisor Lee Simpson, Comedy Store Players / Improbable Theatre. Click here for tonight’s line up www.abnormallyfunnypeople.com.