Abigoliah Schamaun – Who Do You Think I Am?!
  • Great Yorkshire Fringe

Abigoliah was born in the mid-west and has a conservative southern family. She grew up to become a New York comic who migrated to London. She is a yoga instructor who loves booze. As a child she wished she was a man and now as an adult she's become a woman of paradoxes. Do you know who she thinks she is? Because she's still figuring it out. "Confident, assured and brilliantly funny with a knack for a turn of phrase that turns the simplest comment into a solid laugh" - Broadway Baby "From this point on she could sit in silence and still receive a standing ovation." - The Wee Review "It's a genuinely quirky, unpredictable hour, with delightfully warm and natural audience interaction." - Bouquets & Brickbats "Abigoliah Schamaun hits the ground running" - The Fountain "Namaste Bitches was a thoroughly entertaining, surprising and well executed show." - Lady Parts "It really was a laugh a minute, like clockwork." - London Pub Theatres