Aberglas is a charming show for children, following the adventures of two girls searching for some books lost by their great-grandfather. They go on a quest to a magical land, encountering a feisty female knight, a scheming elf, some talking squirrels, and a couple of scary monsters - portrayed deftly through puppetry. The heroines, Anna and Eleanor, are played expressively with a sense of endearing wide-eyed wonder, while still being thoroughly modern kids, taking a 21st century slant on fairy-tale traditions. The story is fast-paced and enchanting, with enough moments of excitement, humour, and magic to keep children enthralled for the duration of the show. Judging by how many of the young audience ran up on stage to meet the friendly blue giant at the end, they were entranced by the magical story, and the lively, engaging cast. Entertaining and well-executed, this is a fun family show.

The Blurb

Join Anna and Eleanor on a magical adventure in search of the best stories in the world! They team up with an unusual knight and face terrible monsters, all before they even get to the mysterious Green Pond. www.aberglas.com