Aberdeen vs Glasgow vs The World - Final Round - Free

First of all, it's important that you ignore the title of this show because it has absolutely nothing to do with what you'll be watching. Essentially, we see several Scottish comedians each doing five minutes of stand-up focusing on their country or countries of origin. It was difficult to warm to any of the comedians and the setup didn’t allow the acts to get much further than the preliminaries, but it acted as a great taster session for the variety of acts that the country has to offer, proving that there is by no means a ‘typical’ Scottish comedian.

Their topics ranged from the usual 'my flatmate is so annoying' to the more specific 'don't you hate when the such-and-such train shuts down?' Though the jokes weren’t always accessible, there were enough laughs to keep up the energy. In this particular war of wits, it’s likely that The World won, as the most successful jokes were the ones that could be enjoyed by the entire audience, yet Scotland took the major battles.

Though this may not be the best show for visitors ignorant of the mores of Scottish life, this wide variety of comedians will give you a schooling on the types of humour that make Edinburgh the funniest place to be this Summer.


The Blurb

This year, we will finally decide which place has the best, funniest, or just the most insane comedians as the last battle rages between Aberdeen, Glasgow and The World!