Abandoman's Rob Broderick – The Musical in My Mind
  • Adelaide Fringe

Rob Broderick, Abandoman's freestyling frontman, is bringing his new solo show to the Fringe. A beautiful combination of hip-hop and animation; the show is two parts Drake, one part Disney. With poetic flourish, Rob dances between playing the parts of introspective rapper, pop culture commentator and all-out musical surrealist. "Flight of the Conchords meets 8 Mile" Chortle.co.ukWildly funny and technically incredible, Broderick is a genius! The Age Killer punchlines. Note-perfect, lyrically mind-blowing hip hop. Genius! The Stage"Few Fringe acts can match Rob Broderick's consistency levels, the speed of wit and sleight-of-tongue of his improv rapping skills bordering on the magical." Fest Magazine