Aaron Calvert: Mind Games

Where a show like Mind Games has to shine is in the mind reading and Aaron Calvert has chosen some lovely tricks that suitably stun the participants onstage and the audience alike. Like most of the new slate of mind reader acts, Calvert doesn’t claim to have psychic abilities; rather he refers to psychology, body language and emotional cues.

A solid hour’s entertainment hosted by a charming performer

With so many similar acts at the Fringe, there are a few tricks you may have seen before but Calvert makes them his own. His delivery is a little nervous at times but he shows real flair when it comes to adlibbing with the audience; quickly making his volunteers feel at ease. Once the hypnosis section of the show begins we see a confident, assured performer who knows exactly what he’s doing.

Calvert works the whole audience at once and chooses the best three volunteers for the sketches he’s planned out. It’s standard fare with the hypnotic subjects reacting wonderfully to his suggestions. No one is humiliated and the audience laugh along enthusiastically.

Mind Games is a solid hour’s entertainment hosted by a charming performer who leaves the audience dumbfounded and questioning whether their secrets are safe from this unassuming man.

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The Blurb

Jaw-dropping entertainment from a modern day wizard’ (Derby Telegraph). Astounding mind reading and fascinating hypnotic feats await in Aaron Calvert’s highly anticipated Fringe debut. ‘Brilliant, hilarious and very clever’ (Key 103 Radio). Qualifying as a doctor in 2015, Aaron chose to leave the medical field to deliver this fast-paced, edge of your seat experience that showcases his mastery in mind control, hypnosis and psychology. ‘Captivating psychological mischief’ (Nottingham Post). An afternoon of magic, mind reading and hypnosis. Are you ready to play Mind Games? Written by Aaron Calvert and Sam Fitton.