Aaaaargh! It's 101 Naughty Jokes in 30 Minutes – Free Show

If you find it in your heart to forgive the failings of Masai Graham’s previous show, Aaaaah! It’s 101 Clean Jokes in 30 Minutes, and stuck around for the follow-up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what he has in store. Graham drops the clean-cut act from his routine for a no-holds-barred performance that takes pot shots in all directions, sparing no race, religion, or creed; and all through the witty lyricism of his infamous, trademark puns.

Graham drops the clean-cut act from his routine for a no-holds-barred performance that takes pot shots in all directions

There are some wobbles here and there, where one or two jokes are woefully predictable or lack a grounded context. But the general experience is no less commendable. Fringe goers need not worry; despite the slow-burn start, Graham succeeds in its ultimate goals of leaving you laughing without resorting to desperate, amateur-hour tactics.

If Graham stuck to just this kind of humour, he wouldn’t be laden with the sorry reputation of the previous show. But then, maybe it is necessary to offer a contrast. Let’s face it, clean humour may not cut it in 2016, and compared with his clean show, the dirty one garners far more laughs where it is evident he makes more use of his sizeable audience. Graham derives humour from being casually offensive with blatant disregard to social convention; and that is what makes dirty jokes so appealing.

So if you can forgive the failures of Aaaaah! It’s 101 Clean Jokes in 30 Minutes, do not hesitate to come along to its hilarious counterpart, a show which, above all things, delivers what it promises.

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The Blurb

Award-winning gag merchant and UK Pun Champion 2016, Masai Graham delivers over 100 naughty jokes in just half an hour. Expect puns, one-liners and wordplay in this 3.3 laughs per minute bonanza. ‘Annoyingly good' (Gary Delaney, Mock the Week). ‘Flashes of proper genius’ ( Dave's top 10 jokes of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 and 2015.