AAA Stand-Up

Our host for the evening is Sunna Jarman, and she is certainly engaging. Energetic and perhaps a bit nervous, Jarman tends to ramble tangentially, which sometimes lead to nuggets of comedic gold, and sometimes does not. Jarman’s material is mostly successful, especially when discussing her husband and the connection between accents and demeanor. At one point though, she makes a joke about being perceived as snooty. People laugh, but an awkwardness lingers, because truthfully Jarman does seem cold and often arrogant. Many comedians play up to a certain coldness or arrogance, but this is only effective when accompanied by a high degree of purpose and consciousness. Jarman consistently makes jokes about her dynamite physique. (She does have a dynamite physique, but the jokes in this area are not her most effective.) Jarman is still enjoyable, and if her dealings with the audience are not exactly warm, Jarman is certainly quick-thinking and keeps us on our toes.

AAA is undoubtedly successful in what it offers, a fun hour of varied stand-up where the audience is never too far from the next laugh.

Next up is James Bran from South London, equipped with a poetical moustache, a dreamy, sleepy voice, and a tortured artist’s black shirt. The themes of the set were his needing therapy, and his attempts to cure his bleak outlook with writing haikus and exercise. Like a young Tim Key, Bran recites mundane poems in a pretentious, floaty manner, usually with witty little punchlines. This urban posh demeanour will work an absolute treat with many audience members.

If the previous two acts were somewhat distant, Larry Dean, the last act of the evening, is extremely likable and dons a magnetic smile throughout. Dean chats away about sexuality, his family, politics, religion, delivering gems of anecdotes along the road. Without wanting to give anything away, Dean’s set featured the most effective use of an accent switches for comedy. Whilst not particularly experimental, Dean is thoroughly enjoyable and excels in traditional, interesting stand-up. AAA is undoubtedly successful in what it offers, a fun hour of varied stand-up where the audience is never too far from the next laugh.

Reviews by Joanna Alpern

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Total sell-out 2005-2013 returns with a brand new line-up. 'Comedy the way it should be: laugh-a-minute, leaving the audience wishing the show was a little bit longer' **** (Fest). Larry Dean, Scottish Comedian of the Year 2013, 'Sharp and unexpected lines... irresistible chutzpah' ( James Bran, 'Entertaining, funny, and perhaps most notably very promising for the future' ( 'A serving of edgy entertainment you'd be silly to miss' (ThreeWeeks). Sunna Jarman, 'Not to be missed, a light-hearted style with killer punchlines' (LBC Radio). 'Highly entertaining' ( Book early!