AAA Stand-Up at Underbelly
  • Edinburgh Fringe

Total sell-out 2005-2016 returns with a brand-new line-up. 'Comedy the way it should be: laugh-a-minute, leaving the audience wishing the show was a little bit longer' **** (Fest). Benji Waterstones: 'the cardigan, slouch and world-weariness of a young Jeremy Hardy' ( 'Absolutely brilliant' (Kate Copstick). 'Perfect and hilarious' ( James Shakeshaft: 'an imaginative streak and a disregard for cliche' ( 'Solid delivery' ( 'Annoyingly good' (Carl Donnelly). Pete Phillipson: English Comedian of the Year finalist 2014. 'Leaves the audience in hysterics' ( 'A non-stop laughter machine' (