A Tribute to 'Unplugged' with Louise Adams & Special Guests
  • Adelaide Fringe

Since 1989, MTV's 'Unplugged series has achieved iconic status in modern music & pop culture. Singer Louise Adams and her guest musicians take audiences on a musical journey through the diverse series, where no genre is off limits; from famous grunge & rock bands Nirvana and The Cure, to legends Paul McCartney & Prince, and even pop stars like Miley Cyrus!The MTV series invites artists to swap their electric instruments for acoustic, with an aim to deliver a raw & intimate performance, but 'Unplugged'achieved much more than that; becoming home to significant moments in modern musical history. Louise is a wonderfully charismatic guide, providing audiences with a nostalgic experience peppered with her uniqueness. "Louise Adams is a star, and this show is curated to perfection" Ch44,2017.