A Touch of Mrs Robinson

Are you trying to seduce me Mrs Robinson? With those classic lines memories of the sixties, songs and sexual liberation come flooding back. This an evening that uses the titular character as an inspiration for a sixties cabaret perfectly suited to Brighton’s greying population.

it’s a show that knows its market well - and that market is the over 50s

The iconic Mrs Robinson remains one of cinema’s most memorable figures, even half a century after first appearing on the screen. Representing bored housewives whose dreams and aspirations have ended up in the cul-de-sac of marriage she seduces a 21 year old boy to spice up her life. Even to this day Mrs Robinson is someone who inspires women to break through the world they live in.

Fiona Coffey is the star of this cabaret that takes a nostalgic trip through the sounds of the sixties. Between each song, Fiona gives us stories of why she found the movie such a liberation and the effect it had on her.

It’s an interesting way of cramming in as many 60s songs as possible, and Coffey is certainly an engaging figure. A Touch of Mrs Robinson can be essentially broken down into 2 parts: Coffey’s singing and the stories she tells between each song. Coffey can certainly hold a tune, but don’t go expected to be blown away. Instead it’s Coffey’s charm in the stories that she tells that really holds the show together. She has the twinkle in her eye and a comfortable style that would be easily suited to the cabaret and cruise ship circuit.

Judging by the reaction of the audience, and the packed out crowd at the venue, Coffey is certainly onto something. Being close to 40 I was still probably the youngest person in the crowd and the packed out rows of middle-aged (if I’m kind) audience members were lapping up every song and word Coffey spoke.

There’s plenty to be had here in a nostalgic trip back to the swinging sixties. However it’s a show that knows its market well - and that market is the over 50s. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, and that’s the appeal of the show - a few drinks, a few songs, an entertaining singer and a trip down memory lane is as good a way of spending an evening as any other.

Reviews by Tom Edward

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The Blurb

Is it wrong to behave badly? Can you be sexy without disgracing yourself? A touch of Mrs Robinson is a new musical cabaret inspired by the woman who seduced The Graduate and became a legend in her own leopard print. With her fabulous live band, using slinky Jazz numbers and 60s Pop songs from artists such as Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield, Burt Bacharach and the Kinks, Fiona Coffey explores Mrs Robinson’s story from college girl, to embittered 50s housewife, to suburban swinger. It’s a witty, provocative and uplifting show that asks "Could a touch of Mrs Robinson change your life?"