A Plague of Idiots

Utterly stupid and equally brilliant, A Plague of Idiots is the ultimate feast of physical comedy for your inner child. The cast (Damien Warren-Smith, Laurent Mallet, Fanny Duret, Giorgio Vierda and Mark Winstanley) have so much energy it’s as if they are going to explode off the stage.

There is very little point trying to analyse this piece, you will be entertained if you let yourself go.

There is no apparent order or structure to the piece, no sign of a hidden meaning and no obvious attempts of anyone trying to be clever. It is simply funny. And that’s the beauty of it. The cast strike a perfect balance between comedy and silliness, letting the scenes run totally wild but moving on before the joke goes stale. They use repetition to great effect, reminding us of gags previously seen but not simply repeating the same material. Warren-Smith’s opening number is wittily written and he does well to establish himself as the ‘leading man’ without making it all about him. He commands the show perfectly. The scenes which are built up to be ‘dangerous’ are particularly hilarious. The entire show seems to be not very much more than the cast making fools of themselves, but it really, really works.

Special mention should go to Laurent Mallet’s sketch as the violinist and over-excited audience member. He is a clear audience favourite from the start and rightly so; his comic timing is second to none. There are inevitably moments where things appear to go pear-shaped, although it is sometimes hard to tell whether things are meant to happen or not. However, if you watch it with an open mind you will enjoy it. The buzz that the cast create on stage is infectious and result in numerous giggle-fits from audience members. There is very little point trying to analyse this piece, you will be entertained if you let yourself go.

Reviews by Hayley Sophie Scott

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The Blurb

‘Riotously funny, full-throttle nonsense' (FringeGuru.com) from five Gaulier trained performers, infecting the Gilded Balloon with their simple, beautiful idiocy. Having sold out shows at the Gilded Balloon, Garden of Unearthly Delights, The Wardrobe Theatre, Fringe World and the Western Australian Circus Festival, the Plague returns to Edinburgh with its award-winning show of profound artistic brilliance. ‘Relentlessly and unstoppably silly… bizarre and brilliant in equal measures… impeccably crafted for your amusement.’ **** (BroadwayBaby.com). 'Simple, strange and hilariously stupid' (TheWest.com.au). 'A wonderful night of pure absurdity' **** (TheClothesline.com.au). 'Side-splitting humour would be no exaggeration' **** (TheUpsideNews.com).