A Jealous Lassie's Karma
  • Brighton Fringe

'A Jealous Lassie's Karma' is a collection of mad cap poems, songs, skits and socio-political observations, all performed with linguistic relish, by the 'terrifically energetic' Derek McLuckie. (The Glezga Poof, 2016) Derek morphs from dead Glezga neddy lassie's into Marilyn Monroe's grotesquely glamorous assassin. Using vivid language and outrageous characters, Derek explores squalor, sex, and the gay man's idolatry of dead Hollywood stars: with punky songs he celebrates a broo sanctioned Goff Mum. Derek's work is fast paced, fun packed, campy, slapstick, highkicking, Dadaistic, with undercurrents of Bette Davis and chunks of Dead Monroe thrown into the cultish Judy deep throat Garland mix. Previous work includes: Night Sullied Flesh, Sadie Wan Fags Lucky Bag Bingo, Twisted Night Tales, Touch My Tent Pole, Dear Green Place (BBC Comedy Scotland), Nights at the Circus and Commissioned. Derek appears regularly @Duckie and Latitude "Outstanding funny" The Herald "With this talent, McLuckie's as lucky as as his name." The List. Touch tours available. Please email derekmcluckie1@hotmail.co.uk to book in advance.