A Digital Legacy
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  • 10th May 2016
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  • ★★★★

Colin Chadwick is a bit of an oddball and has no idea how to communicate with people on a basic level. Well, that’s what he wants you to think, in this weird and wonderful show in which he discusses how he wants his dead body to be “disposed of”. In his likeable, deadpan manner, emphasis being on dead, Chadwick discusses the plans for his afterlife in a world where so much of our lives are lived online.

He’s got the ability to tell a story or paint a picture in a single line and his quirky punchlines come thick and fast

There’s no doubt that Chadwick has well-honed comedy writing skills as he crams jokes wherever he can, from his health and safety announcement to his well-wishing, as he thanks you for attending. He’s got the ability to tell a story or paint a picture in a single line and his quirky punchlines come thick and fast, his take on a Buzzfeed article being one of the many highlights. His jokes are written and delivered with a simplicity that allows him to give them real depth and in A Digital Legacy he’s created the perfect show to match this style.

A Digital Legacy is a combination of sharp stand-up, simple homemade props and some low-key pre-recordings. The props and audio are never over used, only employed as an accent or demonstration of a point and in this particular performance, the failure of one prop was one of my highlights. Chadwick going off script, cursed his luck for buying “work shy potatoes”; it felt briefly like I was watching Dylan Moran trying to do an Apple product launch.

The last thing you expect when listening to someone talk about funerals for nearly an hour is to come out of the room with a smile on your face, I was pleasantly surprised. One tip, without trying to give anything away, don’t make the same mistake I did and charge your phone before you go.

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The Blurb

What would you like to happen to your Facebook and Twitter accounts when you die? Irish comedian Colin Chadwick (Radio 2, 4extra and RTE) will help you answer that question and maybe even prove the existence of an afterlife as he takes you on a tour of his Digital Legacy.