A Compas Flamenco

Ricardo Garcia offers Fringe-goers the opportunity to explore the origins and background of Spain's national dance phenomenon known as Flamenco. A Compas Flamenco isn’t a full on performance, although there is one put on by this company later on in the day at the same venue, but an interesting workshop looking at the roots of the extremely physical and challenging dance. Flamenco is an art form of precision as well as passion, with many ingredients added, from clothing to a variety of instruments.

Garcia explains the dance’s origins in his native Spain, and goes in depth into the history of Flamenco guitar and the many styles used to create its signature sound. He also discuses the costume worn by the dancers, the specific dance steps and how they each affect the development of the popular perception of Flamenco. The final section of the workshop is given over to exploring percussion instruments and props as they are used in the dance.

It truly was a unique workshop that was both relaxing and informative. There are another four workshops scheduled before the end of the Fringe and if you want to get a sense of the history and unique flavour of Flamenco then don't miss this them.

Reviews by Brett Herriot

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The Blurb

Flamenco for all! Join the fiesta for an exciting experience exploring the origins and stories of this Andalucian art. Try out the rhythms, the clapping, some steps! Meet the artists! Critics'/audience choice! Five stars worldwide! Ace! www.flamencoflow.com.