A British Guide To World Religions

Religious belief is a funny thing - so much so that duo Toby Mitchell and Sarah Thomas Lane have devised an hour long comedy show to describe it.

Beginning with some (frankly cheesy) religious jokes, the meat of this piece is more lecture than stand up, but it is delivered in a thoroughly entertaining way, and both Toby and Sarah are instantly likeable characters.

Pointing out the errors of all organised religion, including the history thereof, it's a very educational piece. Belly laughs it ain't, but I did find myself thinking “fuck, yeah!” quite a lot.

There's some interesting material presented that will make even your local vicar pause for thought. The theory of Russell's Teapot and Pascal's Wager to name just two. We even get to find out just exactly what it is that the Scientologist believe in. Cuckoo.

It's engrossing stuff.

Reviews by Pete Shaw

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